“anyone can paint what can be seen and what it cannot”

Anne d’Orléans, descendant of five generations deeply linked to painting, sculpture and music, thanks to the artistic and cultural concern of her family.

“I was too small, about four or five years old, and I spied on my older siblings and cousins when my aunt, who painted beautifully, taught them painting lessons.”.

At the age of 9, she discovered that “anyone can paint what can be seen and what it cannot”when assisting in the study of the Portuguese artist Eduardo Malta while the portraits of her family were made.

From here “I began painting thousands of inventions that I imagined”.

At this age, she began her training with prestigious teachers, always under the  roof of the family home in which “painting and drawing was a pleasure”.

The visits to the different museums of all the cities that she knew, due to her multiple trips, meant an excellent reinforcement to her artistic and didactic formation.

Her parents imbue her passion for good taste, thanks to the training she received; a training based on continuous contact with culture and art in all its facets and expressions.

A passionate watercolorist, she defined herself as a “self-taught and free-form artist with the influence of the continuous artistic environment”.

Artistic trajectory

Artistic formation

  • School of Sevres (Paris).
  • Art studio of Milly Posos. Sintra (Portugal).
  • Hobby Ceram School (Madrid).
  • Art studio of Pablo Echevarría (Madrid).

Presences in museums and institutions

  • Comendadoras de Santiago. Madrid. Spain.
  • City Council of Calviá (Permanent collection).
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Salta. Argentina (Permanent collection).
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Sofia. Bulgaria (Permanent collection).
  • Convent of San Clemente. Toledo. Spain.
  • Contemporary Art Museum ‘Mayte Spinola de Azuaga’. Badajoz (permanent collection).
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Marmolejo. Jaén. Spain (permanent collection).
  • Anar Foundation.
  • Codespa Foundation.
  • P.Barrié de la Maza Foundation.
  • Convent of Duruelo. Ávila. Spain.
  • Esther Koplowitz Foundation.

Art exhibitions:

  • 2024 Collective- “Traces of de Sould”. Madrid.
  • 2023 Collective- Fertiarte. Marbella. Málaga.
  • 2023  Individual Higher School of Music Reina Sofía. Madrid.
  • 2022 Collective- The Orléans Princes and Princesses. Belgium.
  • 2022  Individual “Encounters with Anne d’Orléans” Madrid.
  • 2021  Collective at “Ellas” Fundation Iberoamérica Europa. OpenArtMadrid.
  • 2021  Collective at painting contest prize Frida Kahlo. Madrid
  • 2021  Individual, First 3D Exhibition “Watercolors with Soul”
  • 2021  Collective at BCM Art Gallery, Barcelona.
  • 2021  Individual at Art Gallery Alemi, León.
  • 2020  Collective at Hotel Rey Sancho, La Rioja.
  • 2020  Collective at Hotel Oca Puerta del Camino, Santiago de Compostela. Coruña.
  • 2020  I Virtual Exhibition 3D Collective in DagazArt-Secondlife. Catálogo.
  • 2020  I Virtual Exhibition Collective in Museo de MundoArti.
  • 2020  Individual in favor of Josep Carreras Fundation and Afanoc (Lleida).
  • 2019  Individual in favor of Nido Fundation (Madrid).
  • 2018 IV Biennial 20 painters linked by watercolor
  • 2016 Individual exhibition in Comendadoras of Santiago Fundation, Madrid
  • 2014 III Biennial 20 painters linked by watercolor
  • 2013 II Biennial 20 painters linked by watercolor
  • 2013 Collective exhibition in Casa de Vacas, Homage to Picasso
  • 2011 I Biennial 20 painters linked by watercolor
  • 2011 Individual exhibition in Analcai, Madrid
  • 2011 Collective exhibition in Sigüenza, Guadalajara
  • 2011 Collective exhibition in Expometro Exhibition Hall
  • 2010 Collective exhibition with Grupo Pro-Arte y Cultura, in collaboration with Thyssen Museum, in favour of Haiti
  • 2009 Collective exhibition with Grupo Pro-Arte y Cultura in Calviá
  • 2008 Collective exhibition in ‘Women of the Grupo Pro-Arte y Cultura’, in Paz Feliz Gallery, Madrid.
  • 2008 Collective exhibition in ‘Creación Chamberí’, in Galileo Cultural Center, Madrid
  • 2007 Individual exhibition in Arte Veintiuno Gallery, Madrid
  • 2003 Collective exhibition about watercolors, in PEA Gallery, Madrid
  • 2003 Individual exhibition in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid, in favour of Anar Foundation
  • 2001 Individual exhibition in Ritz Hotel in Madrid, in favour of Ampao Foundation
  • 1998 Individual exhibition in Ritz Hotel in Madrid in favour of Ampao Foundation